Exterior Painting

When it comes to home improvements, few projects provide the combination of low cost and high value that a fresh coat of paint can provide. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that painting the exterior of the house,  is one of the few home improvement projects that can actually pay for itself.

The greatest value for an exterior paint job is long lasting results. This is achieved by preparing the surface properly and applying premium materials with a keen eye for detail. We only use the finest products on our client's home and ensure customer satisfaction.

New Life Painting prepares the surface of your Louisville area home to ensure the best paint adhesion. Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust and loose dirt can affect the quality of the exterior painting job.
Pressure washing will remove most of the problem areas. However, we'll still need to scrape the remaining areas to remove any loose paint and perform any minor repairs that are needed.

We also ensure that the caulking around joints and trim is in good condition. We use the highest quality exterior painting products regardless of whether your siding is aluminum or wood because it produces the best results. We can spray, brush or roll depending on the type of siding and paint to be used.

Quality is determined by the grade and type of pigments, resins, and how much water is in the can.
Don't just buy a big name brand and think you are getting a good product.

Every manufacturer makes an inexpensive paint. A well known manufacturers name on the label does not necessarily mean that it is a good product. They have to provide for all markets.
An $8 a gallon of contractors flat offers dry hiding, a matte finish, and covers everything.  Don't try to wash it or touch it up.   A $30 gallon of the same manufacturers top line finish has premium pigments more resin, and less water. This paint will give you more sq ft on the wall per gallon, washes and touches up well, and therefore lasts longer. Stick with the medium and top of the line grades
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